Government Funding

Every child is entitled to 15 hours of free, flexible funding in the term following their third birthday and First Steps strives to provide your funded sessions to meet your needs. You can then if you wish add extra hours onto your funded ones to offer Full Day Care.

Vouchers paid to you by your Employer

The Government’s childcare voucher scheme recognises the valuable role that carers play in enabling thousands of working parents to achieve the right balance between work and family.

Looking after your family and working is a careful balance at the best of times. The Government’s childcare voucher scheme has been designed to make it a little bit easier, by saving you money and allowing your employer to help to support you.

Financial savings

Childcare vouchers are free from Income Tax and National Insurance contributions up to the amounts stated in the table below:

Earnings/ Rate Amount you can take
Weekly Monthly Annually
Up to but not exceeding £42,475 (basic) £55 £243 £2915
Greater than £42, 475 but less than £150,000 (higher) £28 £124 £1484
Over £150,000 (additional) £22 £97 £1166

Parents can save up to £933 a year, depending on their tax and National Insurance band. If two parents take the full amount in their tax bracket, your family could save up to £1,866 a year in childcare costs. Please ask your employer for more information.

Tax Credits

Many families also now benefit from Financial Help in the form of Tax Credits. For more information and to see if you may be eligible then please go to

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