A busy day on the building site!

Posted on 26th Feb 2024 | Elaine Williams

The preschoolers have been inspired by a nearby demolition project and have enthusiastically built their own construction site, showcasing their creativity and ideas! ????️????????????????????‍♀️????

Children at First Steps Pre-school in Newquay today have learnt about construction sites, diggers, machinery, hard hats, and safety through educational experiences, gaining insights into the built environment and construction processes. Building sites act as engaging classrooms, teaching them about construction stages, teamwork, and coordination. Diggers and machinery spark curiosity, providing an understanding of their significance in shaping landscapes and contributing to construction efficiency. Wearing hard hats instills a sense of responsibility and awareness of safety measures, emphasizing the importance of protective gear in preventing accidents. Safety lessons extend to understanding rules, regulations, and the need for caution on construction sites, laying the foundation for a future understanding of the construction industry and workplace safety. Pre-school education is important for helping our children learn today about what tomorrow will bring for them. Free Government funding now allows for all ages to attend our nursery and gain these wonderful experiences. First Steps Pre-school has an excellent team of staff who are secure in the knowledge of the EYFS and promoting positive play experiences.

What Our Parents Say

Since my children started, they’ve had the best experience and we are so grateful to the whole team.

From the start to the end, my son has been cared for, loved and supported by all the wonderful humans at First Steps.

It is evident that the emotional wellbeing of each child is a priority.

Thank you for all your support, kindness and love that you have shown both my children.

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