A visit from the Easter bunny at the woods!

Posted on 3rd Apr 2024 | Elaine Williams

During their Easter holidays, the children from the Blues Holiday Club ventured into the woods, their laughter echoing through the trees. Amongst the dappled sunlight and rustling leaves, they stumbled upon a delightful surprise – a collection of colorful eggs hidden by the mischievous Easter Bunny. With gleeful shouts and wide-eyed wonder, they gathered the eggs, each one a small treasure nestled amidst nature’s embrace. Their joyful discovery forged unforgettable memories, weaving tales of magic and camaraderie amidst the trees. As they returned home, hearts full and baskets brimming, they carried with them the joy of Easter’s timeless enchantment.

Every school holiday we are super proud of our amazing team of staff here at Blues Club. They ensure that every child experiences fun and laughter with a wide range of activities on offer. Our Holiday Club is very popular with local families and it is advisable to book up well in advance. We are already filling up for Summer Holidays 2024 so give us a call if you want to secure a place.

What Our Parents Say

Since my children started, they’ve had the best experience and we are so grateful to the whole team.

From the start to the end, my son has been cared for, loved and supported by all the wonderful humans at First Steps.

It is evident that the emotional wellbeing of each child is a priority.

Thank you for all your support, kindness and love that you have shown both my children.

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