Picking out a unique rock for a loved one! Combining our beach outing with Father’s Day celebrations!

Posted on 17th Jun 2024 | Elaine Williams

Today, the children from First Steps enjoyed a delightful beach outing where they created personalized stones as gifts for their dads for Father’s Day. This activity was both fun and educational, offering several valuable lessons:

Creativity and Expression

The children expressed their individuality by decorating the stones with paints and markers, fostering their artistic skills and allowing them to convey their feelings through art.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Making these personalized gifts helped the children understand the importance of showing appreciation and gratitude towards their dads, teaching them that heartfelt gifts can be more meaningful than store-bought ones.

Fine Motor Skills

Handling small stones and art supplies improved the children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, essential for their overall development.

Connection with Nature

Using natural materials like stones encouraged the children to connect with their environment and appreciate the beauty of nature, emphasizing creativity and environmental respect.

Teamwork and Sharing

The collaborative nature of the activity promoted teamwork, cooperation, and social interaction among the children, enhancing their interpersonal skills.

This beach outing not only resulted in beautiful, heartfelt gifts for their dads but also provided the children with an enriching and memorable learning experience.


What Our Parents Say

Since my children started, they’ve had the best experience and we are so grateful to the whole team.

From the start to the end, my son has been cared for, loved and supported by all the wonderful humans at First Steps.

It is evident that the emotional wellbeing of each child is a priority.

Thank you for all your support, kindness and love that you have shown both my children.

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