Forest Day

At the farm, Nature Steps opens up avenues for your children to explore, investigate, learn, assess risks, and play in a secure environment that embraces the wonders of the great outdoors. Employing a child-led approach, we inquire every morning, “What farm adventure would you like to embark on today?” This collaborative method empowers us as practitioners to design activities, games, tasks, and real-world experiences based on their interests and ideas. Granting children the freedom to shape their own learning cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving, and a deeper connection with the outdoors environment, contributing to their emotional and mental well-being by instilling a sense of value.

What Our Parents Say

Since my children started, they’ve had the best experience and we are so grateful to the whole team.

From the start to the end, my son has been cared for, loved and supported by all the wonderful humans at First Steps.

It is evident that the emotional wellbeing of each child is a priority.

Thank you for all your support, kindness and love that you have shown both my children.

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