All about Newquay Nursery

First Steps in Newquay provides childcare for 101 children aged 0-5 years old. We are a purpose built Nursery on the site of St Columb Minor Academy. The site is very secure with fencing all around and security gates on every entrance. We have our own gated access and have good visual security all around the building. Each classroom has security door entrance system and CCTV is situated throughout the building.

Within our building we have five separate classrooms. Each of our rooms work very closely together and we have excellent systems in place to provide a smooth transition when the children take their next step and move onto their next room. Each of our rooms have easy access toilets within them and are all fully self-contained with kitchens and phone systems.

Each of our classrooms have their own outside gardens which we are constantly developing.

A buggy park allows for safe and dry storage of your prams until it’s time to take your child home.

Sensory Room

We also have a Sensory Room which all children at First Steps have access to. It has been designed using a Black and White theme which has a very calming and soothing effect for young children. The sensory toys and equipment allows children to explore and develop their sensory skills of touch, sight and hearing.