Nature Steps

Nature Steps is our way of experiencing a wider range of learning opportunities as part of your childs regular time at nursery. Nature Steps uses several locations, our Nature Garden, Classroom, Porth Beach, Lower Treviglas Farm and the Goat Trail/Path. This gives the children the opportunity to experience the diversity of our community.

Nature Steps allows your children to investigate, explore, learn, risk assess and play in a safe environment embracing the great outdoors. We use a child led approach the children are asked every morning. “What would you like to do today?” This enables us as practitioners to build activities, games, tasks and real world experiences on their interests and ideas. Allowing the children this freedom with their learning helps them to think critically, problem solve and connect with their environment. This feeds their emotional and mental well being as it makes the child feel valued.

Your child will have learnt a variety of skills while on a Nature Steps session, whether it be using tools, road safety, beach safety, den building the list is endless of the knowledge and experience your child would developed with us. We are supporting the children to become confident learners who are developing resilience, co-operation, independence and a “have a go” attitude.