We have a beautiful Nursery room offering a wide range of learning experiences for children aged from 0 to 2 years old including painting, small world, construction, exploration, treasure baskets, books, musical instruments, singing and signing. The carefully designed outdoor area allows the children to experience outdoor play throughout the day as and when they choose.

We are confident that from the moment you walk into our Starfish Room you will feel reassured that you have come to the right Nursery. Our staff are very passionate about their role and each child will have a key person that will liaise very closely with you to ensure that they are fully aware of your child’s routines and will carry them out during their time at First Steps.  A daily report will be provided to share information of your child’s day including sleep times and food eaten. We also ask you to share information about your childs learning and development whilst at home, for example; your child may have started to roll over.  We can then support by providing learning activities to encourage movement and strengthen their muscles enhancing physical development.

It is very important that your young baby or toddler feels happy and secure whilst in our care. To help with the settling process we offer three free introductory sessions. This is generally sufficient but we will work closely with you in settling your child as we recognise that every child is an individual.

Your child will have a Learning Journal that will follow their progress throughout their time at First Steps and includes photographs, written observations and your child’s own work. We welcome you to share in your child’s Learning Journal by taking it home at weekends and adding photographs and comments. Please read our page on the Early Years Foundation Stage to help you understand about your child’s progress.