Butterflies & Bumblebees

Our children will move into our Butterfly and Bumblebee rooms when they reach the age of 3 years. When the children reach these new rooms they are now becoming more confident and independent learners and are eager for new and extended learning opportunities and experiences. We have excellent staff who are fully trained and ensure that the needs of every individual child is met.

The children have the freedom to choose activities of their choice and our planning comes from the children. We encourage the children to be as fully involved and engaged as possible with their learning opportunities. You will notice your child grow in confidence the more time that they spend with us.

We put a very important emphasis on our outdoor learning environments and are constantly reviewing and updating our outdoor area. Our aim is to ensure that children are able to experience all areas of learning both indoors and outdoors. (We are currently busy working through a 3 year Action Plan to develop and improve all outdoor areas.)

You will be kept up to date with weekly events through the parents board which is displayed within each of these rooms, emails, blogs and our facebook page. Please see our page on the Early Years Foundation Stage in order to help you become fully informed of our planning, observation and monitoring systems that we have in place each day.

We keep pets in all our rooms and the children share the responsibility in caring for them. We find this particularly beneficial for children who have difficulty settling when they first join us. Often by bringing the Guinea Pig in a carrot each day, the settling process is made so much easier.

Our Butterfly and Bumblebee children also have many opportunities throughout the year to link with St Columb Minor Academy. One of these links being that they visit the school once a week to use the library and computer suite. This is an invaluable opportunity for the children to prepare themselves for starting school.

We also liase very closely with St Columb Minor Academy to ensure that the children are prepared and excited about starting their new school when they are 4 years old.

Early Years Pupil Premium

Early Years Pupil Premium is additional funding that may be available for your child. This funding could be
used in a number of ways to improve your child’s learning outcomes. Additional information is available through our office or www.cornwallfisdirectory.org.uk